Systems: 2D/3D drawings & visualizations

Systems: 2D/3D drawings & visualizations

In order to be able to recognize the real dimensions of a system at an early stage of planning, we use 3D drawings/representations, which give us quick and more precise information about possible interference contours and access options to the individual machines, for example for maintenance or inspections.

Visualizations also make it possible to check movement starts and cycle times so that the results can be incorporated into the system design.

You too can trust our expertise.

We visualize and draw your new system in 2D and/or 3D view. For this we only use current computer programs. We also visualize and draw existing systems in order to make them available to you digitally for factory expansions or future planning. This is also done using 3D scans, so not only the machine outlines but also the hall contours are recorded.

These 2D/3D drawings and visualizations we create increase your ideas about the feasibility of certain parts of the system. We present the results to you in specially created presentations.

Your Benefit

The 2D/3D visualizations increase decision-making authority.

When machines move, possible collisions with neighboring units can be more easily identified. This also includes the representation of traffic routes or forklift movements, which also have a major influence on the required open spaces and distances to safety fences or protective barriers. In addition, visualization involves checking the required work spaces and achievable cycle times.

We differentiate between two variants in our visualizations: on the one hand, the representation of pure functional processes or functional steps. On the other hand, the integration of machine kinematics or inertial systems to determine cycle times or precise processes.

The combination of 3D scanning and the use of the latest software also allows us to integrate existing components (halls, machines, etc.) into the layout and eliminate sources of error.



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