Green Energy Production Systems

Green Energy Production Systems

There is a worldwide desire to use systems to generate green energy. The trend can be observed that the combined green energy production from solar, wind, biomass and hydrogen supply is increasing significantly. The reasons can be found in global climate change and the desire for energy independence.

We have also been able to demonstrate our expertise in the development of systems for green energy generation in the past.

In addition to the turnkey systems already mentioned, we develop systems for green energy generation that are adapted to individual local conditions. In addition to solar technology, this also includes wind power, biomass systems, hydrogen technology and storage systems.

You can also trust our expertise in creating systems for green energy generation. The energy mix and storage make the difference.

Your Benefit

We accompany you from the beginning of the planning through the development to the completion of the green energy generation systems.

Solar technology forms the basis for the effective use of building roofs or walls. Open-space systems and special “solar cubes” complement this. Suitable wind turbines of different sizes and configurations ensure additional use of the resources provided free of charge by nature. The energy mix is ​​rounded off by biomass and biogas plants. Hydrogen is playing an ever-increasing role, not only as a green fuel gas, but also as a storage medium.

The possibility of combining different energy sources and different storage options allows us to design the best possible energy yield for you. In addition to the actual energy production, drinking water production can also be integrated very efficiently and effectively.

In addition to energy generation, we offer the option of buffering excess energy in a variety of storage systems and also coupling water supply systems. In many dry regions of our world, extracting water from the air is a highly interesting and important topic. On the one hand as drinking water, on the other hand for irrigation or as a fire-fighting water reservoir.



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