Refractory production lines

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Refractory production lines

These production lines are systems and processes aimed at producing refractory materials and products. Refractory materials are characterized by their ability to withstand high temperatures without losing their structural integrity. Such facilities are crucial for the production of refractory products used in various industries, including steel, glass production, cement manufacturing, refineries and more.

We place the highest demands on the systems and products to be developed and adhere to them.

The efficiency, quality and reliability of the refractory production lines are crucial to meet the needs of the industry and ensure that the products manufactured can withstand the extreme conditions in various applications.

Innovative Produkte

Your Advantages

Our systems are equipped with the following advantages:

The products to be manufactured are high-performance products where even the smallest errors or production fluctuations can have fatal consequences on the end product and its service life. Just think of the refractory lining of rotary kilns in cement production or crucibles in the steel industry, how important and cost-relevant the service life of the individual refractory brick and thus of the entire production line is.

We look at each individual system area and therefore work out concepts for individual production areas, right up to the complete line. From mixing and dosing systems with calibrated weighing systems, to flexible setting robots and testing equipment in the press area, to the final packaging of the products after previous optical 3D measurement and automatic quality testing.

The automation and optimization of existing factory structures and production processes is often the more economical and quick path to success. Such project implementations while production operations continue require meticulous planning of each individual process step, taking into account safety regulations and the company’s own concerns. Trust our many years of international experience and expertise.