Training & After Sales Services

Training & After Sales Services

Training and after-sales service are important aspects of customer service, especially in industries where complex products or services are offered.

Here are some considerations for training and after-sales service:

  • Training:
    • Product training:
      • Offer training to customers to give them an in-depth knowledge of your products or services. This can be done in person, online or through written materials.
    • Training for employees:
      • Train your employees thoroughly so that they have comprehensive product knowledge and can respond effectively to customer inquiries. This particularly applies to customer service, sales and technicians.
    • Operator training:
      • Intensive training of system operators helps to identify impending machine failures at an early stage. We support you in the continuous training of your staff.
  • After sales service:
    • Guarantees and Warranties:

      • We clarify the guarantee and warranty conditions for you and ensure that customers have access to repair or replacement services if necessary.

Effective training and carefully designed after-sales service contribute to increasing plant productivity and strengthening employees’ identity with the company.