Drying systems


Drying systems

Drying systems are used to remove moisture or liquid from solid materials. The drying process is crucial in various industries to maintain the quality of products, improve storage conditions or meet specific requirements. This applies particularly to the production of building materials, refractory production, agriculture, the chemical industry, as well as to the further processing of these preliminary products.

We develop and implement drying systems at the highest level for the construction industry, refractory production and agriculture. Feel free to ask!

Drying systems are therefore crucial in a variety of industries to ensure the desired properties of the end products and to optimize the production process.


Your advantages

Systems planned and implemented by us offer you the following advantages:

– Manufacturing of building materials
– Insulation material production
– Refractory systems
– Agriculture

We use the latest results from research and technology to achieve the best drying results while saving energy. The use of heat recovery techniques is a very important aspect that helps to save expensive energy and thus achieve an improved climate balance.

The use of green / renewable energies is making great strides worldwide. That’s why we check with every project development whether an independent energy supply from renewable energy sources is possible and profitable. In addition to heat recovery systems, your own energy sources are often the decisive factor for setting up a production facility, even in remote regions without a continuous power supply.