Lime-sand brick

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Lime-sand brick

Sand-lime brick is a building material made from sand, lime and water. It is a mineral building material and is primarily used in masonry construction. We create production systems for you according to the most modern aspects.

We work at a very high level of quality and create your customized production system for you.

It is important to note that the exact properties and applications of sand-lime brick may vary depending on regional standards and specific product variants. We plan and create your production plant for the production of sand-lime brick according to your specifications with the respective specifications.


Your Benefits

Our planned systems offer you advantages of the following types:

Efficient and energy self-sufficient! We design our plants according to the most modern standards, tailored to optimized production technology and using energy-saving drive systems. Combined with our own green energy generation, this results in powerful and flexible production systems.

Why are our system concepts so interesting? In addition to a large variety of commercially available bricks (small, medium and large formats), U-shells, elements, fitting bricks, etc. are also part of the product portfolio.

Filling optimizations on the hardening trolley enable the best possible utilization (filling) of the autoclaves and ensure a better energy balance. Flexible unloading systems enable individual and format-dependent loading of shipping pallets.