Concrete products from desert sand

Concrete products from desert sand

Using desert sand in concrete production is an interesting way to reduce the need for traditional sand from riverbeds or ocean beaches. Desert sand is abundant in some regions of the world, but due to its specific properties (e.g. round grain) it can result in low strengths and be challenging in traditional concrete formulation. The same applies to the use of saline water in coastal regions.

  • Challenges with desert sand and salt water:
    • Salt deposits in the sand or salt in the process water can have a corrosive effect on steel reinforcements in the building materials and thus lead to damage to the component.
    • Salt deposits in desert sand can have corrosive effects on the metal parts of concrete mixing machines.
  • Environmental impact:
    • Using local resources such as desert sand can reduce the environmental impact of the concrete industry by avoiding transporting sand over long distances.
  • Research and Development:
    • We are continually working on new technologies and mixing ratios to optimize the use of round sand grains in concrete production. At the same time, “binding salt” is also of interest in order to be able to use seawater for the production of building materials without having to first produce drinking water quality.
  • Your benefit:
    • We combine the latest results from research and development in our system concepts and production technology. We are using these large reserves of raw materials to enable more cost-effective and environmentally friendly construction and to set standards for the future. Using desert sand, products with bulk densities of 150 to 850 kg/m³ can be produced. In addition to stone production for a wide range of raw densities, the individual production of wall elements (with reinforcement or fibers) is also possible. We develop the right concept for your needs.

It is important to emphasize that the use of desert sand in the concrete industry brings with it specific technical challenges and we can offer you solutions and concepts for these. Together with renowned institutes and companies, our team continuously works on solutions to improve the efficiency and sustainability of building material products.


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