Insulation board & foam blocks

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Insulation board & foam blocks

Insulation boards and foam blocks are building materials used for thermal and sound insulation in the construction industry. Here we provide some information about both products.

Insulation panels can be made from a wide variety of materials, e.g. B. Straw, mineral foam, polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane (PUR), rock wool, etc. Depending on the materials used, the properties of the insulation panels also differ. On the one hand, they serve for thermal insulation or soundproofing. The insulation panels are also very light, which makes handling and installation easier.

Foam blocks can also be made from different materials, with mineral foams becoming increasingly important. Due to the production as a block, subsequent cutting to the desired format is necessary. In addition to its use as insulation, its use as a fire protection panel or as “lost formwork” in the production of concrete elements is also important.

Therefore, their areas of application are diverse and of increasing importance.

Our systems and the resulting products meet the highest quality standards and can be used in a variety of ways.

Both products, insulation boards and foam blocks, play an important role in improving the energy efficiency of buildings. The choice between insulation boards and foam blocks depends on the specific requirements of a construction project, local building standards and the desired insulation properties.

Your Advantages

Production systems and products from our development offer the following advantages:

We design our plants according to the most modern standards, using energy-saving drive systems and incorporating current research results. Combined with our own green energy generation, this results in powerful and flexible production systems.

State-of-the-art handling systems, robots, driverless transport systems (AGVs) and other systems optimized through the use of AI ensure project development of the highest standard.