Planning and development of systems

Planning and development of systems

Our strengths lie in the planning and implementation of production systems. Starting with turn-key production systems, energy systems, recycling and water technology systems and the realization of innovative projects and special solutions.

We develop turnkey production systems, energy systems, systems for recycling or water technology right through to special projects of all kinds for you.

We carry out this work after an initial site analysis. This location analysis is the starting point of our development and implementation process. Our planning and development process has been reliably tested through our many years of experience of more than 30 years.

Your Benefit

We accompany you from the beginning of planning through development to completion.

In addition to systems and systems related to the production of building materials and refractory products, this also includes handling systems for the forging industry, logistics and storage systems, systems for generating renewable energies, etc.

It is our goal to present you with solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs and also meet the most modern requirements in terms of efficiency, energy saving and energy efficiency, degree of automation, flexibility, cost efficiency, etc.

After the actual analysis and coordination of needs, we develop the final concept from various solution approaches in close cooperation with you. For this purpose, representations can be used as a 3D layout or through simulations to determine cycle times and complex processes. Cost estimates carried out in parallel ensure that information about the expected investments or local construction measures is available for every solution approach. Clarification of the requirements for interfaces, on-site conditions, official concerns, as well as safety-related forms are part of the procedure.



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