Biomass & biogas plants

Anlagen zur grünen Energieerzeugung

Biomass & biogas plants

Biomass and biogas plants are facilities that use organic materials to produce energy in the form of biomass or biogas. For this purpose, a wide variety of agricultural products are used as raw materials (e.g. corn, manure, etc.), as well as waste from other production areas (e.g. slaughterhouses, etc.) and compost from households. In addition to the electrical energy obtained, the resulting heat and biogas are also available as energy sources for further use and thus increase the efficiency and effectiveness of such systems.

Biomass and biogas plants are also part of our portfolio. Benefit from our know-how and our innovative strength.

Biomass and biogas plants play an important role in sustainable energy production and the utilization of biowaste (from households, slaughterhouses, etc.).


Your Benefits

Alignment of the system with an optimal raw material mix and flexible in terms of output.

Clarifying the needs and available raw materials with your team forms the basis for successful project development. On this basis, we determine the appropriate raw material mix so that the detailed design of the biogas plant is based on this. The system is designed for the desired energy yield in order to achieve the best possible overall energy balance. This includes not only the amount of electrical energy, but also the parallel production of biogas and use of the resulting process energy – thus an energy mix from just one production technology.

Continuous development and adaptation to the latest scientific findings and test results ensure the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. The use of new and additional raw materials makes the systems an economical and profitable investment.

Wir beraten Sie bei der Auswahl der geeigneten Rohstoffe und ermitteln für Sie einen sinnvollen Mix an Input-Stoffen.