Photovoltaic & Solar systems


Photovoltaic & Solar systems

Photovoltaic and solar systems use the sun’s energy to generate electrical energy. The construction of open-space facilities, whether on flat or hilly terrain, enables the sensible use of even difficult-to-access or otherwise uneconomical areas and areas. The use of building roofs or building walls as a supporting structure for the solar modules is already a very common practice for achieving high yields in a small area.

The development of photovoltaic and solar systems is becoming increasingly important in many parts of the world. Let us plan and implement your systems.

The further development of photovoltaic and solar technologies helps to improve their efficiency and reduce costs. These systems play an important role in the transition to renewable energy and reducing the environmental impact of conventional energy sources. In addition to the actual generation of electricity, integrated storage systems for buffering excess electricity have become increasingly important in recent years. Another aspect is the use of the electricity generated for “water-from-air production”, which can be coupled with the solar systems.


Your Benefits

A high energy yield with a small footprint allows you to have an independent power supply.

The use of high-performance modules ensures high energy yield for many years. The integration of existing building roofs and walls as a supporting structure enables a high power density to be achieved with a small space requirement and avoids the waste of usable land from agriculture; therefore a win for both sides.

We are active in all regions worldwide. We are happy to create setup concepts for daily sunshine hours based on the data available for your region.

The integration of existing buildings and infrastructure is important to us as it reduces installation times and costs, which is of course reflected in a faster return on investment. The systems can therefore be adapted to individual circumstances and wishes.