Granules & recycling plants


Granules & recycling plants

“Granules” and “recycling plants” refer to products and facilities in the field of recycling. The reuse of recycled materials is becoming increasingly important worldwide, particularly in the building materials industry. It is therefore very important, especially when renovating or demolishing buildings, to separate the materials that arise and process them as raw materials for new building materials. This not only conserves limited resources, but also allows the free potential still contained in the returning products to be activated and used in the new product (e.g.: free cement, calcined clay, etc.).

When it comes to granules, a distinction can be made between the following types:

  • Plastic granules, rubber granules and metal granules
The properties are:
  • Versatility, recyclability and processability
Granules and recycling plants are now an essential part of extracting raw materials. They not only serve to conserve resources but often also help to effectively save production energy.

Our recycling systems are energy-optimized, robust and efficient. We look forward to your inquiry.

Both granulate and recycling plants play an important role in the effort to reduce construction waste, resources… They are key elements in a sustainable circular economy and the reduction of production energy.


Your Advantages

Product and system advantages:

Recycling products often contain “unused” raw materials that can be “activated” when used again (e.g.: free cement; calcined clays; etc.) and thus help to actively reduce the raw material costs for your new product .

Sustainability results from the reuse of waste products and the use of the energy and raw materials still contained in them – a great profit potential.