Storage location logistics


Storage location logistics

Logistical processes and thus automation of the warehouse process are becoming increasingly important internationally. Up to now, storage and retrieval processes have often been carried out using forklifts. This increasingly leads to noise pollution for residents. Reducing emissions is therefore an important aspect, especially since automated systems enable 24-hour operation during loading, while emptying (truck loading) can be carried out in, for example, 16 hours. In addition, automated systems often achieve a higher packing density and can therefore accommodate more products in the same area.

We develop and implement state-of-the-art storage facility logistics systems. These are particularly effective and efficient. Feel free to ask!

Warehouse logistics systems are crucial in a variety of industries to ensure the desired effects of fast and smooth production and/or delivery.


Your advantages

Storage space logistics systems planned and implemented by us offer you the following advantages:

The areas of application not only refer to the usual parcel stacking areas outside the hall, but also include internal logistics and storage options. Automatic, driverless transport systems and crane systems are playing an increasingly important role here. An intelligent control ensures appropriate storage space optimization and thus the largest possible and flexible storage space.

  • Fully automated crane systems: they enable multi-layered and high stacking of products, as well as flexible access to each individual storage space.
  • Automated guided vehicle systems (“AGVs”): they also make it possible to connect different hall areas with each other, or to bring packages from the inner hall area to the outside storage area.
  • Elevator storage: for short-term storage and retrieval of products.
  • Stacking machines: Robot and crane systems for stacking or unstacking products.

We rely on the latest developments paired with experience and the inclusion of AI to optimize your storage and storage spaces.