Wind energy

Anlagen zur grünen Energieerzeugung.

Wind energy

Wind energy is a form of renewable energy produced by harnessing the kinetic energy of the wind. This form of energy has become a significant source of electricity generation worldwide. Here are some key concepts related to wind energy.

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Wind energy is a sustainable energy source and plays an important role in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change. Advances in technology and increasing integration into the energy mix are helping to establish wind energy as a significant part of the future energy supply.


Your Benefit

A wide variety of system types and performance features for optimal wind utilization.

Clarifying your needs together with you forms the basis for successful project development. This is followed by checking the real conditions and researching measurement results so that the wind turbines can be designed and positioned in order to achieve the best possible energy yield results.

In addition to high energy yield, we also focus on the factor of “strengthening the local industry” in the wind turbine operator’s region. It is of interest to manufacture parts of the system on site in order to reduce the high transport costs and to strengthen the local economy.

The approach of possible component production on site in the operator’s country not only reduces transport costs, but also enables a local service station to be set up at the same time.