Raw material extraction

Raw material extraction

Extractive extraction refers to the process of extracting or mining natural resources from the earth to obtain materials used in various industries to produce goods and products. This process often has an impact on the environment and requires careful management to ensure sustainable practices. Using our solution approaches, we list some important aspects of raw material extraction here:

  • Types of raw materials:
    • Building materials industry:
      • These include sand, gravel, cement, clay and other materials used in the construction industry.
    • Mineralurgical raw materials:
      • These include metals such as iron, copper, aluminum, precious metals and other minerals.
    • Energy raw materials:
      • These include oil, gas, coal, hydrogen, uranium and other fuels.
    • Biological raw materials:
      • These include wood, straw, plants and other biological materials that are used for various purposes.
  • Mining and Extraction Methods:
    • Opencast mining:
      • Open mining of raw materials on the earth’s surface, often for large quantities of minerals and coal.
    • Underground mining:
      • Extraction of raw materials through tunneling or shafts underground, common in metal and mineral mining.
    • Hydraulic fracturing:
      • A method of extracting natural gas or oil from deep layers of rock.
  • Environmental impact:
    • Mineral extraction can have significant environmental impacts, including habitat destruction, soil erosion, water pollution and air pollution.
    • Mining can lead to landscape changes and affect ecosystems.
  • Recycling:
    • Obtaining raw materials from recycled materials can reduce the need for primary resources and reduce environmental impact.
    • By using modern technologies and environmentally friendly methods, combined with a high level of environmental awareness, we are taking a big step closer to our self-imposed goal of a “green building materials industry” for a better future. Using these raw materials, products with bulk densities of 150 to 850 kg/m³ can be produced, not only as bricks, but also wall elements (with reinforcement or fibers). We develop the right concept for your needs.

Raw material extraction is a fundamental activity for the global economy, but it requires a balanced understanding of environmental and social impacts as well as careful planning to ensure sustainable resource use.


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