Foam fillings

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Foam fillings

Foam filling refers to the use of foam materials to fill voids or spaces in various applications. This process is used in various industries to achieve a variety of goals including isolation, vibration dampening, sealing, stabilization and weight reduction. Here are some common foam backfill applications and mineral foam applications that we deal with:

  • Wall systems:
    • In the construction industry, foams are often used to fill voids in buildings or structures. This can help improve thermal insulation, provide soundproofing and ensure structural stability.
  • Flooring/flooring:
    • Foams are used to equalize the floor level and as an insulating layer under the screed.
  • Roof insulation:
    • In addition to the well-known systems, insulating foam panels are very suitable for insulation in the roof area, as fire protection is also integrated.
  • Production of building materials:
    • The introduction of foams into the stone holes serves to improve the insulation properties. By introducing the foam into the stone holes, it is often possible to significantly improve the insulating properties of the product and thus provide scope for optimizing the stone geometry (for example: increasing the compressive strength, which enables a higher construction (additional floor)).
  • Concrete wall elements:
    • Foams are ideal here as insulation between the two segments, as they could also compensate for the production tolerances of the wall shells.
  • Lost formwork:
    • When producing a wide variety of concrete products, special requirements often arise in terms of rapid contour and shape adjustment in order to enable flexible casting contours/product geometries. The mineral foams are also suitable for this because they can be easily recycled or can even remain in the end product.

Selecting the right foam material depends on the specific requirements of the application, including hardness, density, compressibility, temperature resistance and chemical resistance. Molded foam materials can also be specially shaped and tailored to meet the needs of specific products.


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